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I always wanted to build websites, apps, even learn traditional programming. Hell, I even spent a ton of cash a couple of years ago with the intention of learning Ruby. Never did, the book is still pristine, if not a little fingered around the edges.

Web development is pretty cool, being able to code in your bedroom, build web apps, create custom sites is a skill that many possess, but one that can get you into work that you love. Becoming a valuable asset is always going to make things easier for you, whether you decide to move on to a more enjoyable workplace, or starting your own business on the side. Geez, I know a few guys around the world that are location independent, work when and wherever they want, and seem to have an incredible time doing so.

There are a lot of differing opinions when it comes to starting on your WebDev education. Sure, you’re gonna have to learn html and css, and perhaps some of the backend stuff like Ruby On Rails or Django.

I have a close friend who decided to go down the web development path, I recently spoke to him about his journey. I was kinda surprised about the route he took, but it seems to have paid off. I’m no web developer, so I have no opinion as to whether his strategy was the best or not, but here it is.

He did a fair bit of online research before getting started, and also had a paid job, a family to support, so going back to college just wasn’t an option. He decided that he was going to learn Ruby On Rails, more because he thought the name sounded cool, er, and because he knew it was a language that was currently in high demand. I made a few jokes about some other programming languages, in particular, Python, as that is a word that always makes me laugh, and draws my attention to anatomical features…..purile, yes, ever so funny….HELL YEAH!

Anyway, back to the story. He enrolled in one of the tutorials at –Ruby On Rails 4 Essential Training and loved it. Be worked in it every evening, built his first application in a week and was delighted.

Moving on, he took the Ruby on rails tutorial by Michael Hartl HERE. This has 15 or so hours of video, and is a good step up from the course.

He’s now pretty clued up and feels confident in the skills he has built, but has a loooong way to go before he feel confident to start offering his services.

He’s now doing some free courses at Code School and Code Academy for both html and css.

What’s great is this has only taken him a few months, and he genuinely feels that within 6 months of starting, he’ll be able to offer his skills as a freelancer, albeit in a limited capacity at first, not had for a guy who messed around at school and came out with almost no qualifications.

Here’s a list of some free online web development courses and coding resources to get you started. Get in there, do it, don’t give up!

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