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Learn Something New Every Day

Knowledge is power right? Or so the old adage goes. And it’s kinda correct when you think about it, but not from a dictatorial standpoint. Hitler was a great artist apparently (maybe did some adult education classes in Berlin), but still not a particularly nice guy at the end of the day.

So, if your desire to learn is to become the undisputed ruler of a small island nation, who rules by wielding a large stick, you’re probably better off leaving this page now, and going to learn something worthwhile, perhaps some C++ or Python, or perhaps a short course on overcoming narcissistic tendencies.

But, knowledge, and the lifelong search for it has a lot to do with self empowerment, and that’s the kind of power we like er? Most of us got through school, went to college, probably learned stuff that seemed great when you were 20, perhaps not so exciting at 35 or 55?

And, so many people just stick with the same old hum-drum of boring, unfulfilling work, take their misery home with them, hate getting up in the morning, and live for those 2 weeks of holiday that their employer is kind enough to give them.

Many of us dream of doing something different, focusing on a new skill, or an old one we used to love. We dream of re-inventing ourselves into someone who wakes up early and can’t get to sleep because they love what they do so much, it hurts.

And what makes ‘those’ people different from the rest of us? Talent, natural ability, a first rate education at one of the top universities, genetics? Most likely not!

It’s more likely to be a self belief, a desire to learn and to act on what they know. To take action, but to always look to learn more, education as a part of the process.

That doesn’t necessarily mean going back to school, doing and MBA, although if brain surgery is high on your list of dream jobs, you’re not gonna be able to get that education on SkillShare, a great platform as it is.

It’s been drummed into us over our formative years, and with the glaring faults in the education system, that learning is a drag, something we have to do to meet national standards so the government can have good education statistics to bandy around. Learning for the sake of learning, or learning crap that will never be useful to you is folly, something to be avoided.

Sure, get to be able to read, write, add and subtract, but make sure that when you get to the time in your life that you have free choice, learn stuff you like.

You might currently be working an office job you hate, but love sitting on the computer at home, for hours in end, playing with Adobe Photoshop. You may be a cop in a tough part of the country, but enjoy poetry and flower arranging in your spare time. And why not?

There are a ton of good reasons to learn, to study, to empower YOURSELF, to allow YOU to make choices in the future. We humans have evolved to learn, we are learning machines, but without a burning interest and passion, learning becomes a drag.

Screw being a generalist, be a specialist, start studying what REALLY excites you, and don’t stop. Over time, with just an hour or two a day, you can become expert in almost anything (brain surgery aside). Expert enough to be offering your skills to others, or teaching others to do what you have learned.

There are a bucket load of reasons why learning is good, here are a handful:

  • Learning helps us to be for adaptable, and ready to take on new challenges.
  • Learning is character building. You become more confident, inspired, and inspiring to others.
  • Learning gives you opportunities that you’d never get if you just let your education stand still.
  • Learning and skill acquisition give you confidence to make important changes to your life.
  • Learning can help you change your job, or start your own business, or become a freelancer.

But most of all, learning stuff you want to learn about is fun, exciting, stimulating. There are so many different modes to learning these days. Podcasts, online courses, video, audio, e-books, the world is literally at your fingertips, don’t let it pass you by.

If you’re not learning, progressing, growing as a person, you are dying, getting left behind with the other dinosaurs.

Don’t do that! Make daily learning a part of your life, you won’t regret it.

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